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The Loose Leaves- Raise the Roots 2

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"The Crown" is wrap 2 of our Raise the Roots, Day of the Wrap Blog Feature.  This time we have pulled out the "Day of the Wrap" tip jar.  Continue reading for our tips on this issue.  If you're new to the blog... Just scroll back to see wrap 1.  Read the above loose leaf and then pick up our three quick tips for managing the truth beneath!
(Click on the image to open a clearer view.)

No, it's not what to never or always try.  It's what you should never and always do, and a suggestion for weave wearers who would like to get in on the fun of head wrapping even while wearing their weaves.

Never! Sleep with your stocking cap on after a long day with the cap on.  Give your hairline a breather at night to prevent hair loss.

Always! Wear conrows rather than underbraids for those of us who workout.  Underbraiding keeps the majority of your hair tucked in and hair remains wet much longer after your workout.

Try! A mesh-less weave also helps to enable you to keep your scalp clean between shampoos and allows hair to dry out after workouts.

Check back in soon for wrap 3 and perhaps more tips for the truth beneath.