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Are you following Exercising Power 2?  It's Week 3 out of 9.  Here's the latest challenge square.  The week 3 "Shut it Down" challenge add-on means no eating between this 12 hour span.   Just hearing about the Challenge..  visit the blog for Entry 1.
Every Monday in Phase One of the Challenge... we break form for one meal.  Enjoy the meal of your choice, and then return to Exercising Power!

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Grace Call Communications Presents The VCR Diaries "No Estrogen"

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Coming up here at The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician Blog The VCR Diaries returns with "No Estrogen" featuring three of the men from The Decks and the Road Novel Series.  The VCR Diaries is a Poetic Documental exploring the Characters Vance Shepherd, Chad-Ezra, and Rick Simpleton.  Stay tuned for the Event Program.

Meet Vance Shepherd in Chapter 7 of The Decks and the Road.

"The tall cement wall was a border that divided the good from the bad.  It didn't look like the kind of thing the good would be involved in, but Mr. Shepherd's words kept a clear marker between the two.  The moment I'd described to him the incident on the freeway, he'd popped up from his seat.
'They're bumpers.  I know this MO very well.  It's the easiest story to sell.  Most times they don't even come in contact.  If they do it's botched.  The idea is to cause a reaction; usually a deadly one.  You're blessed... they usu…

The Loose Leaves- IQ

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Got IQ?  It's the "Question of Image" segment of our Blog-Mag.  Look for IQ in our 5-times yearly Blog-Mag and sometimes on the Blog as a Loose Leaf Entry.  This time the question is "Do you look this good everyday?" which leads us to the subject of Pre-Nups. 
We all know about legal pre-nups, but what about The Verbal Pre-Nup.  It's like one minute you're minding your own business, and the next minute you're signing a verbal pre-nup with Dijon Mustard.  If you weren't aware of the verbal pre-nup, The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician brings it to your attention in this edition of IQ.   So what's the premise for all this and what does image have to do with it all?  Just read the loose leaf above.  It's the moment you're approached and before you can even get a word in, the verbal pre-nup is presented to you.  If you're looking for a date, your excitement may overshadow the moment, but if yo…

On The Way To The Third Non...

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Will you be along for the ride?  As we look at adding the test of Non-Resistance to what we've been practicing in Non-Judgement and Non-Attachment... I offer you this insight into Divine Awareness, Divine Order, and Divine Purpose.  
Ultimately when we Test Our Jars, and it is nothing short of a test, we challenge our ability to trade our human awareness, order, and purposes and rely on the awareness, order, and purpose of the Divine.  So, don't be startled if you hear yourself calling on the Divine more and more often during this challenge.  It just means that you are reaching for relinquishment, and it take time, trust, and devotion not to keep nudging God and pointing to the things we hope He's taking into account.  I myself like the story of Nehemiah and his bold use of prayer to ask God honestly to reward his enemies accordingly for their malice, but what do you do when God says.... "SAVE YOUR PRAYERS"?
It is in tha…

I Am the Portal

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Just as "You are the...", likewise "I am the portal by which I should reach for any thought, question, or offering."  When we abandon the "I am" of our existence or experience, we easily lose our point of view.  Remember the way into your own light, and you'll never miss.

Finding Bio... Test 7

(Click on the Image to open a clearer view.) Finding Beauty Inside-Out!  When the test is ugly finding the best question becomes the beauty, but then comes Glory.  To your best question, choose the answer that brings you the most Freedom and get a taste of Glory.  Finding Bio Test 7... Can you use your Biology to create glory? 

Keep the Writing on The Wall in Business and Branding

(Click on the Image to open a clearer view.) The business of Limited Liability Operations.  Can you be so on Brand that "Off Brand" becomes a Billboard?  If the future of LLO is Fabric, drape the walls.... and LLO and Behold "It Shall Happen!"