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The Square OFF:3

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Welcome to The Square Off with The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician!  The Weekly Round Up in All Things TBIOB. Here's the categories that made the cut this week.

Overcome- Anxiety
Spirit Organizing- Being
Road2Wholeness- Princess Cut vs. Raw Stone
No Reed- InFluenza, Part 3

Overcome Anxiety- Hyper Vigilance has a back up.  It's called Alertness.  No one thinks of the back up until it's needed.  But there it is. Hanging out in the background; waiting for you to reach back and take its hand.  Worry does not create anxiety.  No, its anxiety that creates worry.  Worry is a thought.  Alertness is a thought.  Hyper Vigilance is an action.  Hyper actions is anxiety.  Overcome Anxiety.  Reflect freely, and trust there's a back up!

Spirit Organizing Being-  It's a simple thought; a question really.  Did you know there's a war between simply being and truly being?  Life did not bring you forth to let you be.  The simple being is the bein…
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Click on the Image in Limited Liability Operations!

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Image in Limited Liability Operations makes no fuss. It's a course in Business Pedigree not shoe shopping.  Click on the Image in Limited Liability Operations to open a clearer view. It's a mindset world of many hats and at times a one man band, but Pedigree has to begin somewhere. Ask yourself, "Will it begin with me?"  Keep the experience of L.L.O. paramount, and LLO and Behold.. It Shall Happen.

Finding Bio.. Test 10

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Finding Beauty Inside-Out.. We've landed on a test. So, it don't take three weeks to determine who your friends are.. no, it takes a lifetime. Fail the test, take the test, or pass on the test... In Finding Bio the first test is to determine who gets to give the test. In the Universal test of understanding, answer the question of who gets to give the test.

Pink Matter

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Ready or Not, open or not. Pink matter; heart matter.. The Classic Views brings you truth under a strip-ped wrap.

Still to Come on The Blog!

The Square OFF, InFluenza Pt. 9, Best in Boards, and (TBIOB) April Blog-Mag is still to Come. Thank you for your patience. Check back soon!

"InFluenza" Pt. 8

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Thank you for joining our New Special Report Column No Reed. If you're easily turned off by misspellings, put that to the side.  There's a team of people responsible for trying their best to make me look like less of a FLU.
InFluenza (A Special Report)

Why do I testify so boldly and seemingly without withholding much?  First, I should say that much is withheld.  I never tell people where I live.  I never give an account of a matter unless it adds weight to something that I hope to clarify or support.  And ultimately, I never tarnish reputations because I only present truth.  The one who chooses an action is the one who has the power of evaluating and maintaining their reputation to the degree that he/she sees fit.  But, I testify often on sensitive matters because I have an ability to handle sensitive matters with care; one.  And, I testify about things I've overcome because I've witnessed a trend in life.  It seems that peop…

Why the Suspended-Release Novel?

Grace Call Communications, LLC
The Suspended-Release Novel P.O. Box 246211 Pembroke Pines, FL 33024

Artist Development Interactive Book Publishing Open Book Publishing
What is The Suspended-Release Novel?
A novel whose contents are released in a suspended manner according to the schedule prescribed by the author or publisher.

Readers are invited to read books as they would watch a weekly television program.

Let’s Race!To engage the reading audience with an interactive book publishing and book release event.  The Suspended-Release Novel provides sponsors of all different kinds of industries and other interest groups to reach their audiences while readers enjoy their latest Suspended-Release Novel. Authors are set to overcome current statistics with..The Suspended-Release Novel and Novel FormulaA Suspended-Release Novel Event is one that not only releases the contents of a novel in a suspended manner, but authors engage with and meet their target market with a branded book release t…

Best In Boards This Week!

Welcome Back to Best In Boards This Week! from Just Us "Alternative Brides" check out our head piece selections
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