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Don't Miss "Eclectia" A Phenomenon of Thought Unfolding

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Don't Miss "Eclectia" A Phenomenon of Thought unfolding now at Thought Culture on Pinterest.  It's 10 New 15-Piece Style Collections.  We've already unveiled 3 Collections.  Find those Boards now and connect with Thought Culture to follow the unfolding.

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The Monkey Wrench
Frogs, Mice, and Lizards
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BBCEG- Beaches, Bibliotecas, Coin Exchange, and Grub "Jelly Fish"

Welcome to BBCEG "Beaches, Bibliotecas, Coin Exchange, and Grub.   What about these four that gets Travel Bloggers, Entreupreneurial Beach Goers, and Food Critics all jelly inside?  Coming now to The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician Blog is a Research and Development project to be sent off to Magazine Land.  
Are we 5 years out, 3 years out, or just months?  Answer the question every time we bring you BBCEG right here with an emphasis on Hair Customs, Better Beach Zones, Pickle Jars, and Indoor-Outdoor Grub.  Follow the tags and pick up the lingo as we build.
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Aloe Coconut!  From your drink cup to your Hair Bath..The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician is asking the question "Is this a cure to sand and surf for traveling customers?"  With sulfate free shampoos on the market and moisture based shampoos as a replacement, is that all that's needed to repair the hair of adventurous customers who are wave hopping and sitting sun-side at the be…

The Square OFF: 7

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Welcome to The Square Off with The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician!  The Weekly Round Up in All Things TBIOB.
Here's the categories that made the cut this week.

Overcome- Dividing Lines
Spirit Organizing- Comebacks
Capture- October
Road2Wholeness- Lettered News
No Reed- InFluenza, Part 10

Overcome- Part of overcoming is seeing that even the presentations you least like in life might hold some odd way of emancipating and raising you above the sea levels of an organizing mask of deceptive social clouds.  When's the last time you shuffled through your cloud for the best wisdom you could find? Better yet, when's the last time a cloud dropped in on you?  Are all conversations with clouds done under a hat?  Welcome the cloud and see through the dividing lines.. it's the best wisdom in the room!

Spirit Organizing- What's a comeback after a bounce back?  I never comeback, but with every bounce back there appears to be doubles.  Spirit organi…

Lookout... Best in Boards This Week!

Welcome back to Best in Boards This Week!  This week we're featuring only one board.. It's "My Pinterest Likes" (Click on the Image to open a clearer view)

Check out the board now for our Favorite Shoe Picks, Dresses, Skirts, and Silly Handbags
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Raise the Roots "The Tri-on"

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A Cosmetic Custom- Unzipped?Raise the Roots, The Tri-on is finally here.. Never in decades if not centuries has anyone or anything seem to stall the cosmetic industry, but it's August 2020 before it dawns on me that it's been months since I've applied lip color to my lips.  Who or what has prompted the pause on this Tri-on?You won't hear it in the news unless its after The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician has left the scene of the crime.  It's been reported that in 2018 the global cosmetic market grew by an estimated 5.5 percentile.  Now what about here in 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic?  Has a list on teeny-boppers switched out their pink and mark brands for face moisturizer and sunscreen?  That's about the size of it with the constant off and on or daily wear of surgical face masks.  And while we're on the topic of masks, what's on the other side of those masks.  Perhaps written therein are our daily affir…

Cheers... "Eclectia" Collection 5 and 6 is Here!

The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician is back with "Eclectia"!  Catch up now with 2 all new collections.
Try Forever Yesterday..
Check Out Grow Up Maybe..

Welcome "The Cross Shuffle"

(Click on the Image to open a clearer view.  Download optional after opening) It's that time of year again, and coming in under the gun is the new roll out of Exercising Power.. a 45-Day Short Circuit.  
And while the build is different, the sentiment is primarily the same.  Beat the Machine!  It's a killer vibe of natural use exercises and traditional pump.  And just when you thought you've seen everything, we found a cross-stitch on the good old side shuffle.  So, how does it work?  It's really simple, fun, and effective.  It's a four point cross anchored by a middle starting point, and the real challenge is to experience it on the sand. 
So, before you get rolling with 5 shuffles in a row.. Try a few single shuffles to judge your form and test you squat height.  Once you're there in your comfort stance, take 5 shuffles to your right and return to your starting position with 5 more shuffles to the left.  Rotate counter clockwise and then do 8 shuffles to the rig…

Distinctions and Dictions

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Some views neglect the rosiness of life; others never neglect the distinctions of rose.