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The Loose Leaves- IQ

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Got IQ?  It's the "Question of Image" segment of our Blog-Mag.  Look for IQ in our 5-times yearly Blog-Mag and sometimes on the Blog as a Loose Leaf Entry.  This time the question is "Do you look this good everyday?" which leads us to the subject of Pre-Nups. 
We all know about legal pre-nups, but what about The Verbal Pre-Nup.  It's like one minute you're minding your own business, and the next minute you're signing a verbal pre-nup with Dijon Mustard.  If you weren't aware of the verbal pre-nup, The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician brings it to your attention in this edition of IQ.   So what's the premise for all this and what does image have to do with it all?  Just read the loose leaf above.  It's the moment you're approached and before you can even get a word in, the verbal pre-nup is presented to you.  If you're looking for a date, your excitement may overshadow the moment, but if yo…
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Surround Sound

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When you're on foot, but you're really not walking.  Tell the opposition to build their next wall in the air. We FlY?

The Loose Leaves- Read Write Rest More! Apples

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"Don't call it 'we search' and don't call it 'research', but make way for reflex of thought."

Overcome (OVRC): A Blog Series_ 8

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Welcome to the Final Blog of Overcome.  Thank you stopping by.  I ask that you will approach this series as a collection; not removing any one from the other so that they may speak as one voice and that you may hear the ripple of each utterance and see the pictures as one long gaze.

I begin with the running statement from the start of the series.

"Write something no one wants to steal.  Write something no one wants to be seen.  Write something not overdone but real.  Write to overcome."

I object.
I am not an object.
I reject.
I am no cattle.
I am a suitable subject,
But I'm not the only subject.

There was a he.
There was a she.
There was a they..
That one day.

I am he.
I am she.
I am we.

Go Overcome the Blood on Your Hands.

No you shall not chant me away.
No you will not put me on display.
No you have not changed your mind.
and No, I will not change mine.

With blood on her hands,
She writes hello.
With blood on his hands,
He blows a kiss.

Go Overcome t…

The Flying Scroll New Year's Challenge

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Do you trust your soul to write a Flying Scroll?  On this Suspended-Eve of a New Year... We join The Road2Wholeness Blog in issuing the Challenge.  
But What is a Flying Scroll? 
It's an Urgent Word.  A Verdict.  A Declaration!
And you get to write your own.. which you will Carry, Memorize, and Be Ready to Declare over your mind, spirit, present circumstance, and future.

Need a Head Start?
Listen to Episode 7 of The ReWIRE Show
"On the Verge of Another Launch"

Overcome (OVRC)- A Blog Series_ 7

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Happy Holidays!  Welcome back to the Blog Series "Overcome" and The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician blog.  

The veil of appraisal.   On the cold side the misconceptions operate like a freezer.. One the feverish side blindness overcomes like a toaster.
Stereotype, Stereotypies, What's the stereo?
Dear matchmaker, I reject your appraisal.
Dear dealmaker, I wipe my ass and many tails with your tales.
The veil of appraisal. On the needy side there's so much potential.. But on the scale where they measure.. and separate the halves from the whole, He's a scapegoat at best.
The veil of appraisal. The spiritual mother approaches with her clipboard. On the front side of her sheet.. Everythings neat. But on the flip side, Eeverything's play dough, And easily manipulated.
The veil of appraisal. A dark spot in the mind of the unritualistic, But a white spot in the mind of "The Deep". It's steep.
And not right now,  But somewhere in the future.. …

Overcome (OVRC)- A Blog Series_ 6

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Welcome back to the Blog Series Overcome.   Today we pull the trigger on a spiritual loop hole in "Overcome the Disguise of Zeal".  Though we know there is a King who knows the hearts of men.

A Loop Hole maybe... Call it Zeal. Scripture says, "One will not be punished for their zeal." Here comes malice, It's in disguise, It's full of itself, It's overflowing with contempt.
A loop hole maybe... Call it Zeal.
The educated calls it a law, The religious calls it a science.. A loop hole maybe.. Call it Zeal. Scripture says, "One will not be punished for their zeal."
There goes cause, Dressed in Zeal. Here comes effect, Undressed.
The educated calls it a law, The religious calls it a science.. Here comes the Harvest, And it's not a drop of rain, But an offspring.
Who invited the reaper, Who suspended the seed?
The educated calls it a law, The religious calls it a science, The ignorant calls it farming, God calls it His way.
Who invi…

Fangs and Flair

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The choice remains a choice. With our fangs we capture, but with our hearts we decide to dazzle or torment.  Whichever you choose remember the laws of cause and effect.