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(TBIOB) April Blog-Mag! (Updated)

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Welcome back to The Beauty-Inside Out Beautician Blog-Mag.  This is the Anniversary Issue!  One year ago we started the Blog-Mag with the tagline... "It's not a Magazine with a Blog.  It's a Blog with a Magazine."  We're slowly building on the concept and growing in pages.  In this issue we bring you some staple ingredients with "The Bu" Bridal Talk, and our latest thoughts on Brand and how to Cultivate Brand Magic.
A roll of the dice doesn't necessarily have to reinvent the wheel.  Sometimes it's to reverse and remember.  Ask yourself, "Remember when it wasn't done this way?"  In a forward climate, sometimes helping people to reminiscence can pay dividends. For example.. Your new company may join the fun with a Mascot vs. a Logo.  And just like that you trade risk for reward not with trend but with "Remember When?"

In this Anniversary Issue the Operative word is "Roll"…
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DAR Fan Trivia!

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This is it... It's the final answer to the final question of our DAR Fan Trivia!  The question was, "What was revealed about the last name Dunbar in the book Freeborn?"
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Thanks for joining us!

DAR Fan Trivia!

Welcome to Question 12 of DAR Fan Trivia.  This time we've decided to help by giving the name of the book where the answer can be found.  Good Luck!
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Now we reveal the answer to question 11.
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If you're reading book 3 of the series, you'll find this week's question to be timely. If you're new to The Decks and the Road Novel Series, join in for the Series Finale. Book 3 ends Friday, May 10th.
Don't forget to use your free resource at to find your answers.


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Don't turn your life into pixels. Reject the desire to pick your life apart into a bunch of anxious little pieces.  Instead, show up wholisticly with a wholistic consciousness about who you are.

Unjamming Your Wheels Early in Business!

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Yes, the experience of Limited Liability Operations is Paramount... and this is why we think you should turn your next "Big Question" into a Laboratory for creation. 
Turn question into commodity and LLO and Behold... It Shall Happen!

Finding Bio... Test 6

Finding Beauty Inside-Out! Time to test the origins of your insight. Only you can determine if you've enlisted the right voices.

The Loose Leaves- Raise the Roots

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"The Crown" is wrap 2 of our Raise the Roots, Day of the Wrap Blog Feature.  This time we have pulled out the "Day of the Wrap" tip jar.  Continue reading for our tips on this issue.  If you're new to the blog... Just scroll back to see wrap 1. Read the above loose leaf and then pick up our three quick tips for managing the truth beneath! (Click on the image to open a clearer view.)
No, it's not what to never or always try.  It's what you should never and always do, and a suggestion for weave wearers who would like to get in on the fun of head wrapping even while wearing their weaves.
Never! Sleep with your stocking cap on after a long day with the cap on.  Give your hairline a breather at night to prevent hair loss.
Always! Wear conrows rather than underbraids for those of us who workout.  Underbraiding keeps the majority of your hair tucked in and hair remains wet much longer after your workout.
Try! A mesh-…

DAR Fan Trivia!

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Did you get it right? Okay.. Let's try this one.  Here is Question 11 of our Fan Trivia!
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Check back soon for the answer to Question 11. Also... catch up with Book 3 on the blog now, or Start the FREE Novel Series Now!