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How May I Help You Bring YOUR VIBE?

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DAR Fan Trivia!

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Today's trivia question is a good one! Hope you enjoy finding the answer.  Now for the answer to Question 5, "What is The Lord's Way?"

And if you missed the answer to Question 4, "Which Caramel colored girlfriend is now named Jennifer Burrows?"... The answer was, Who is Came?
Don't forget all your answers can be found at

The Crabcone Debates Vol. 9

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It's the dynamic number 9, and this Volume of The Crabcone Debates is titled, 'Cops Takes All'.  Enjoy the giggle and tell a friend about the New Image-less Comedy Strip.  Look for other Volumes on the blog using the labels below.

Word to RAW!

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The Road2Wholeness Blog in conjunction with The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician Blog invites you to join our Introduction to RAW.  Start today.

DAR Fan Trivia!

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It's question 5 of our DAR Fan Trivia! Did you figure out the answer to question 4 yet, or was it too easy? Here's the answer.. "Who is Camie."
Look for your answers at

DAR Fan Trivia!

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Hope you've been making the grade.  Question number 4 of DAR Fan Trivia! And on to the answer to question 3... "What are Lizards?"

The Loose Leaves- Raise the Roots

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It's another Fall Out from The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician Blog-Mag.  In this Loose Leaf- "Raise the Roots" we challenge the perspective of the Wrap, and look inside the textile trend with wrap 1 of this report.  Follow this leaf as we unveil 4 other wrap techniques.  For now, give "The Helmet" a try.  Its a firm twist at the top and a cord tucked in at the back. 

Soy La Belleza Dentro- Afuera Esteticista

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Paint the next page of your book in a new language.  The Beauty-Inside Out Beautician is learning Spanish. Stay tuned!