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How May I Help You bring Your V.I.B.E.??

Voice, Image, Brand, Evolution!
Services Include:
Image Consulting/ Creative Direction Color and Color Corrections Crochet Weaves Cuts and Style Relaxers Kinky Twists/ Marley Twists Wet Twists Rod Sets Sew-Ins Silk Presses Treatments Up-Do

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The Nubian Rockstar Brand

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The VCR Diaries: A Poetic Documental The Lights have dropped.  It’s not a total black out.  Not yet anyway.  You can hear the questions and the whispers.  None of them however are stronger than the darkness.  Reece is the last woman standing, and her platform is beginning to look like a trap.  It remains erected, but it’s obvious she’s going to need to move around.  It’s the look on her face that sends this message.  It says she’s got a head full of thoughts.  It’s not even on her chest.  No, it’s right at the tip of her tongue.
Her Diary- Reece It looks like a little black book.  The pages are red with blue lines, and there aren’t much of them.  I told you… it’s all in her head.  The handwriting is large at times, and at other times small.  It’s the difference between her whispers and her shouts.  It’s also the difference between her secrets and her attire.  It simply looks like a small book with a big roar, and if it doesn’t start talking, the crowd will go first.

The Trap
Tiny feet, Smal…

You Be the Judge

Some people need cheerleaders at every turn, but YoBOB, Your Own Brand of Beauty requires that you be the judge of your own Epic.

The Better Fly Series: Multifaceted Eyes

The Better Fly Blog Series: Multifaceted Eyes
You’ve landed.Now what?Perhaps it’s taking you a moment to level with the fact that you had to ground your flight.It’s a bit of a rehabilitation, and you need to learn to walk again.You look at your wings and they look as good as new, and every time you take the glance you’re disappointed to know that they’ll just be sitting there for a while.The weather is just not good for flying, and as we know from the first blog, there’s a beast in the sky.
Welcome back to The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician and The Better Fly Blog Series.In this second blog we’ll spend some time talking about nurturing the mental garden where your dream resides.This garden is going to require more than just flowers; more than just good thoughts.You’ll need to populate this mental garden with insects too.Today, we look at the dragon fly and its multifaceted eyes.I’ve learned that dragon flies actually have 30,000 facets within their eyes and have the ability to see you goi…

(TBIOB) Block 4, Frames 1-4

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Welcome back to our Blog-Mag "The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician.  This is the "Final Cover" of 2018.  It's been a great and fun launch year for the Blog and the Blog-Mag.  This issue we're up to 4 pages.  As promised, we have our Bridal Talk Q&A as a part of the section of the mag called "The Bu".  Enjoy the fun road map featuring the answers we got to our retrospective themed Q&A.

Lots of colors, captions, clipart, and thought went into this page.  And just in case you're wondering.... NO, we're not taking a Vegan stance on Curry Goat!  We just couldn't get over the beautiful faces.

As always it's time to talk Brand.  We turned the fiber of this surf board into fashion with an Epic Shot from a past shoot for The Nubian Rockstar Brand.  Now let's talk brand...  What determines whether your brand crashes, sinks, or surfs?  Sometimes it simply comes down to treating your con…

The VCR Diaries- Act 2, Part 3

The VCR Diaries: A Poetic Documental
Act 2- Cassandra, Part 3 I didn’t bring any blood, sweat, or tears with me.  I just didn’t think it so important, but I can hear the silent fire and the burning fury.  I’m way past half pass, and there’s only a bit left to be said.  Not that it hasn’t been already, but I thought I should put it in my own words.  I’m still standing in the same spot.  I like it here; it’s hot.  And I’m blinded just enough to get through this.  After this, the blue turns to green, and the light cuts to black.

New Laces       
Ten months of the same predicament, And eyes start to roll.
Thirty years with the same memory, And the tongue’s gotten old.
Wee hours, High day, After noon, Doesn’t matter…
It’s the same terror.
I washed the sneaker, I ripped the socks, I clipped the toenails, But I tossed the laces.
A breeze against the neck, A whistle at the top of a tree, And a light shining in the distance… The perfect calamity.
I’m at five miles per hour, He’s at five point two, I sway, His way.

The VCR Diaries- Act 2, Part 2

The VCR Diaries: A Poetic Documental

Act 2- Cassandra, Part 2 I’ve smelled that fragrance before; a couple years ago and somewhere I shouldn’t have.  Now it’s behind me.  We’re standing on a singular stage with multiple platforms, but there’s no equality where weight is concerned.  I’ve shut the side windows to my eyes.  Nothing’s coming through them to distract me.  I’m more interested in what’s before me.  Well sort of, just as soon as I’m finished this documental.

Graveyard of Hearts
The graveyard of hearts, Holds all the dead romances, All the worn friendships, And all the still born babies.
You might think there should be weeds everywhere, But everything has got its place… Past, Future, Present.
Next to my dead loves, I planted Japanese painted ferns, And nothing’s getting through them.
It’s a quiet graveyard, Just like you might imagine, But the eyes on the hearts, They move around a lot.
I heard about dead loves making a match, Once, No twice, But the decorator insisted they go back into their plac…