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Join The Suspended-Preview of InFluenza

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Follow the Official orange, black, and white squares previewing the upcoming special report "InFluenza" coming in 2020.  Let the preview squares challenge your social awareness, personal outlook, and legal understanding all leading up to what will be a timeless report.

The New Karma..

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My new turn it around.  How do you turn it around?

Looking for The Crabcone Debates?

Find Volume 15 of The Crabcone Debates in July's Blog-Mag.

Squ÷eze Those Abs!

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It may cause some abdominal pain, but there's a moment when you realize that plan A and plan B goes together.  Once you do, squeeze those abs.  You'll get there.


(TBIOB) July Blog-Mag

Welcome back to "The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician Blog-Mag."  This is our Socially Awakened Issue! Hope you enjoy the Black and White cover design, and you can still get a look at the Decoy Cover on the Blog.
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Unpin!  We welcome "The Question of Image" back to the Blog-Mag for a special look at a Beauty Trend that left an image pinned in my mind.  It's just a piece of cloth. Yes, white.. and with cut outs that I'm to place over my face, but wait a minute... What?  It didn't capture my attention the first time; The Facial Divide.. no, not until I snapped a picture. First, I saw an opportunity to create art.  Something about the air bubbles and my Black skin showing between the cut outs.  But then came the words "The Facial Divide".  
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Now I'm thinking about my $1 facial and wondering what the cost will be to me to allow the image of a white cloth with cut…

Here Comes the 2nd-Non!

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We're still working with Non-Judgment in this 90-Day Challenge that will Test Our Jars made of clay.  There's still 11 days to go and then... on to Non-Attachment!  
This is a richly personal and intimate challenge that may not feel like meditation. In fact it may feel more like... well, "A Challenge" but once mastered you'll find that the use of The Three Nons can help to keep you in a state of Lightness and Lightning quickness.  The quickness comes from the concentration it requires to hold yourself accountable along the challenge, and the level of truth that will be brought into your consciousness throughout and afterwards.
Starting 7/24 we turn our attention to the challenge of unattaching ourselves from uncontrollable outcomes. ???? What exactly does that mean?  Specifically we're going to unattach ourselves from the assumption that everyone will do what they are supposed to.  During this next 30 days we remem…

We're Previewing InFluenza

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Hope you're enjoying our Suspended-Preview of the Special Report "InFluenza".  Keep looking for the Orange squares across Social Media and here at (TBIOB).

Lightyears Apart

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Lightyears apart is a green eye and a rosy cheek. Check out this merge between La Luz 1 and La Luz 2.