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The Loose Leaves- IQ

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Got IQ?  It's the "Question of Image" segment of our Blog-Mag.  Look for IQ in our 5-times yearly Blog-Mag and sometimes on the Blog as a Loose Leaf Entry.  This time the question is "Do you look this good everyday?" which leads us to the subject of Pre-Nups. 

We all know about legal pre-nups, but what about The Verbal Pre-Nup.  It's like one minute you're minding your own business, and the next minute you're signing a verbal pre-nup with Dijon Mustard.  If you weren't aware of the verbal pre-nup, The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician brings it to your attention in this edition of IQ.   So what's the premise for all this and what does image have to do with it all?  Just read the loose leaf above.  It's the moment you're approached and before you can even get a word in, the verbal pre-nup is presented to you.  If you're looking for a date, your excitement may overshadow the moment, but if you're not really looking, pressed for time, and more importantly... careful about how you use and respond to image and questions of image; you find yourself searching for a fitting answer.

For a woman, it's hard enough that we're often asked to meet image standards that men don't need or have to, but when the subject seems to become the sole focus of the interaction, it becomes alarming.  And just so you're not left debating and doubting whether your alarms went off appropriately, you turn down another aisle and the wanna be suitor asks "Do you know where the Dijon Mustard is?"  If you missed it, it's the compromise.  It's the "We'll discuss it later".  And if you're not careful, before you look you've entered a relationship with a verbal pre-nup that you weren't even aware of.  All because there was a language barrier, but mainly because you didn't have a question of your own.

The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician urges you not to become the victim of an out-of-balance Verbal Pre-Nup.  When core concerns show up in introductory dialogue, say "Hold the Dijon Mustard" and use wisdom even if the answer is "Yes, I look this good everyday."