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Featured: (TBIOB) January Blog-Mag

Welcome to our first Blog-Mag of 2019. In this issue we look at the story of path right from the splitting image on the cover, right down to the first installment of The Crabcone Debates.  Join me behind the door of this issue. (click on the images for a clearer view or to download.)
In The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician Blog-Mag, you'll always find a mixture of Business, Art, Humanity, and Beauty.  We begin with business and the case of brand.  Enjoy a look at one of the strongest shots from shoot two of The Nubian Rockstar Brand, and consider how you might join the Who's Who of Brands.  I suppose the question is... Do we take the path of Director or Student?  or Both?
It's a delicate balance to strike... to fall among, and yet stand apart.  The Director's focus is vision.  The students call is study.  The balance is Epiphany!  In the male look of this shoot we mixed the laxness of the loafer style shoe with the high fashion, sharpness of the Jacket to create a totally…
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(TBIOB) April Blog-Mag!

(Click on the pages to open a clearer view.)
Welcome back to The Beauty-Inside Out Beautician Blog-Mag.  This is the Anniversary Issue!  One year ago we started the Blog-Mag with the tagline... "It's not a Magazine with a Blog.  It's a Blog with a Magazine."  We're slowly building on the concept and growing in pages.  In this issue we bring you some staple ingredients with "The Bu" Bridal Talk, and our latest thoughts on Brand and how to Cultivate Brand Magic.
A roll of the dice doesn't necessarily have to reinvent the wheel.  Sometimes it's to reverse and remember.  Ask yourself, "Remember when it wasn't done this way?"  In a forward climate, sometimes helping people to reminiscence can pay dividends. For example.. Your new company may join the fun with a Mascot vs. a Logo.  And just like that you trade risk for reward not with trend but with "Remember When?"

In this Anniversary Issue the Operative word is "Roll"…

The Crabcone Debates Vol. 12

(Click on the Image to open a clearer view)
New to The Crabcone Debates?  For a thorough enjoyment, follow the storyline beginning with Volume 1 featured in our January Blog-Mag. Use the labels feauture to navigate the Blog.

DAR Fan Trivia!

Welcome back to DAR Fan Trivia... Hope you used the break to catch up on Book 3.  Don't miss Chapter 24 of Renegotiating Kaylin as the Characters sail off to Cuba.
Now on to the 10th Question.  Hint: you might find the answer in book 1 of the series.  Use your Free resource at

DAR Fan Trivia!

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Welcome back to DAR Fan Trivia!  We begin today with the answer to the last Trivia question... What are the names of the two Hierachial families featured in DAR?  

Now on to Question 9.  You can find your answer in the Novel Erased. 
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Folow the link to:

The Crabcone Debates Vol. 11

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Hope you're still enjoying the build.  The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician declares 2019 "The Year of the Crabcone".  Follow the debates of the Crab-in-the-Cone here or on Pinterest.

Look For This Square..

Coming up in The Decks and the Road Novel Series... Look for the Black hearts coming to The Suspended Release Novel event of Renegotiating Kaylin!
And wait, has anybody seen Kaylin? 
Start the Free Book Online Now!

Hoops are Made for Walking

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So, next time life throws you hoops, don't jump through them but walk through them.  Always give adversity time to catch your face, watch your game, and write your name.