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The VCR Diaries 2 Blog Entry Log

The VCR Diaries 2 "No Estrogen" - A Poetic Documental
Based on the 3-book Novel Series, The Decks and the Road
by Grace Call Communications, LLC

The Blog Entry Log
Act 1
Vance Shepherd (Engineer, Married,Over the Hill, Part of the Hidden Elite)

Excerpts from the book Erased

"The tall cement wall was a border that divided the good from the bad.  It didn't look like the kind of thing the good would be involved in but Mr. Shepherd's words kept a clear marker between the two.  The moment I'd described to him the incident on the freeway, he'd popped up from his seat.

'They're bumpers.  I know this MO very well.  It's the easiest story to sell.  Most times they don't even come in contact.  If they do it's botched.  The ideas is to cause a reaction, usually a deadly one.  You're blessed...  they usually run a battery.  So, how did you get on the radar of big business?"'

Act 1, Part 1…
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InFluenza "The Press Release"

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 "V-Day Goes Orange, Black, and White"  Workwear Collection on Pinterest

"InFluenza" A Special Report Coming This February

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The suspended-preview of our soon-to-come Special Report "InFluenza" restarts now with the first orange, white, and black graphic square we released in 2019.  The anticipated release of the report comes This Black History Month.  Part one of the report drops on February 14, 2020.  Pick up spoilers now when the suspended-preview reruns at high speed.  And do not miss this.

"V-Day Goes Orange, Black, and White"
Workwear Collection on Pinterest

Best in Boards This Week!

Welcome back to "Best in Boards This Week" from "Muted Bold Evening Wear" from the New Board  The Deep "Lessons in Lace"
from Sike and Out of Sight and  "All Things Considered"
and lastly from our collection of Black and White in Art, Beauty, and Fashion "The Deep".
Also don't miss... our "Milestone Boards" this week.  Look for the even number of pins and incoming pins in.. Sweet Sweaters 100, 30 Inches Top 30 Under 30, Unbored Bridal Hot Picks 50, Have a Metallic New Year 60, Den What 100, Sike and Out of Sight II 200, and Courageous Hair 50

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The Deep "Lessons in Lace"
Muted Bold Evening Wear
All Things Considered
Sike and Out …

Beauticians Rock- Voice, Image, Brand, Evolution!

Don't miss the newest addition to our 5-times yearly Blog-Mag! (Click on the Image to open a clearer view)
Beauticians Rock  "Making salon life easier and keeping salon professionals thinking like professionals"

Best in Boards This Week!

Welcome back to Best in Boards This Week! Head to Head...  Sike and Out of Sight II  and Sike and Out of Sight  New this week from "Sweet Sweaters" and Lastly... from
our Newest Board "On The Rise"

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Sweet Sweaters

On the Rise
Sike and Out of Sight

Sike and Out of Sight II

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Mysteries in Common "The VCR Diaries"

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Last Chance to Discover The VCR Diaries in  "The VCR Diaries MIC" Enjoy this comparison look at The Poetic Documentals The VCR Diaries 1 and 2, featuring 18 of the 36 poems that make up the Diaries.  If you missed The VCR Diaries or The VCR Diaries "No Estrogen", MIC (Mysteries in Common) is a great way to experience the 6 Star Characters.  Beginning this week its Chad-Ezra from the book Renegotiating Kaylin and Cassandra Simpleton from the book Erased.  
You can catch up now on the first three rounds before the start of round four.  
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The Loose Leaves- IQ "The Hunt, the Catch, and the Cloth" Q.3

Ready for question 3? There's the Language of Chocolate, there's the Language of Hearts, now comes the Language of Shoes.  Thank you for joining us for the next case and point in IQ-The Question of Image "The Hunt, the Catch, and the Cloth. (Click on the Image to open a clearer view)

Would it be too scary if a man spoke to you in terms of shoes?  
It's a concept that began with the book A Better Pair of Shoes but what if there's really something to it?  In this case and point we're playing both sides of the conversation.  First, we unveil the key to 4 distinct shoe types and then we give the women a list of questions to listen for to know when a man is speaking to you in terms of shoes.  
The Stiletto- Narrow-minded and Daring.  Always reaching, but at times reaches for familiar.
The Platform- Mounted up and Deceivingly Constructed.  Holds on to regrets.
The Wedge-  Comfortable and Free.  There's always room for sweeter and better.
The Sneaker- Grounded and Des…