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Are You Following Exercising Power 2?

It's week 2. This week we're "Ramping it Up" with a mixture of pulse motions and stationery holds.  Follow the Challenge Squares here weekly...  Let's Catch You Up!
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Meet the virtual workout twin Lydia making her debut as a part of the Exercising Power Revolution.  As we "Ramp it Up" this week with a 3-5lb increase in our weight lifting, also add these two combinations to your personal routine.  Try 2-3 sets of each combination.

Join the Exercising Power Revolution!
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Now let's define Whole Foods...

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But wait... Before you take the second thought.  
Here are some exceptions.

Think you can do it??  Don't think, just do!!  Join us for the next 8 weeks.  Pick up the upcoming squares here!  But get started now!

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