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The Better Fly Series: Multifaceted Eyes

The Better Fly Blog Series: Multifaceted Eyes

You’ve landed.  Now what?  Perhaps it’s taking you a moment to level with the fact that you had to ground your flight.  It’s a bit of a rehabilitation, and you need to learn to walk again.  You look at your wings and they look as good as new, and every time you take the glance you’re disappointed to know that they’ll just be sitting there for a while.  The weather is just not good for flying, and as we know from the first blog, there’s a beast in the sky. 

Welcome back to The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician and The Better Fly Blog Series.  In this second blog we’ll spend some time talking about nurturing the mental garden where your dream resides.  This garden is going to require more than just flowers; more than just good thoughts.  You’ll need to populate this mental garden with insects too.  Today, we look at the dragon fly and its multifaceted eyes.  I’ve learned that dragon flies actually have 30,000 facets within their eyes and have the ability to see you going and coming.  Right away you can see the benefit of having some of those around.  After all, what’s a dream without facets, and what’s a vision without eyes.

Begin to think what living creatures you may want in your garden, and why.  For example, the dragon fly usually represents flexibility, transformation, and adaptability.  All of these are of great importance in this stage of rebuilding confidence and strength as well as walking your dream forward and watching its shape begin to change.  Remember in the last blog we talked about getting special instructions on how to get around the beast.  Could it be that these instructions could cause your dream to take on a new shape and life?  If you adapt the qualities of the dragon fly, then transformation could be only a few miles away, but it you’re thinking about how you got up in the air the last time, you could be grounded for a length of time.

In business, and some business industries, swift changes in trends, methodology, and regulations can put everyone on notice.  While you’re on your feet, take some of these things into account.  See what you may have missed, and even take time to deal with and respond to some of the shifts you didn’t have a chance respond to as you were journeying.  All of this can help to prepare you for a better flight when you take to the sky again, but if you’re intent on the same pattern and level of flight then next time you may not have to encounter a beast, but simple storm clouds could weigh you down.

As I stated already, one of the benefits to the dragon flies multifaceted eyes is the ability to see you going and coming.  Now apply this to your life and business.  Can you catch a glimpse of what’s going and what's coming?  What if you’re in perfect position to see what’s on the way out, or to usher in what’s coming?  This is the benefit of inviting the dragon fly into the space where your dream lives and breathes.  And now that it’s got your attention, stop and see it buzzing around.  Imagine also that it’s expected to bring you a full report of what it’s seeing.  Maybe it can see some of your doubt.  Or maybe it can see you refusal to adapt.  Listen to what it’s reporting.  Actually picture this.  Picture yourself being informed, and then decide how to respond.  Decide what the next few miles will look like and what's coming out of it.  Because this is a living workshop; all the way up to your next take off.

Thank you for visiting the Blog and following this series.  If you're enjoying it; tell a friend.  See you on your return.

The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician