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(TBIOB) Block 4, Frames 1-4

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Welcome back to our Blog-Mag "The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician.  This is the "Final Cover" of 2018.  It's been a great and fun launch year for the Blog and the Blog-Mag.  This issue we're up to 4 pages.  As promised, we have our Bridal Talk Q&A as a part of the section of the mag called "The Bu".  Enjoy the fun road map featuring the answers we got to our retrospective themed Q&A.

Lots of colors, captions, clipart, and thought went into this page.  And just in case you're wondering.... NO, we're not taking a Vegan stance on Curry Goat!  We just couldn't get over the beautiful faces.

As always it's time to talk Brand.  We turned the fiber of this surf board into fashion with an Epic Shot from a past shoot for The Nubian Rockstar Brand.  Now let's talk brand...  What determines whether your brand crashes, sinks, or surfs?  Sometimes it simply comes down to treating your concept as cement, and not letting it go.  If you choose something sublime, it could take time for others to start to see the magic, but take your initial fibers and build something that surfs.  And when the surfs up, go for it!

Here we see the texture of the weather up against the fiber of the fashion.  When the weather is cold, keep your fashion Hot.  And everything is sizzling about this look, but the balance is kept using shape, color, texture, and of course fiber.  

Coming up in our January issue we'll showcase more from The Nubian Rockstar Brand  fashion concept.  And expect more and more pages!  To submit a picture for our cover, respond here on the blog, or at