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DAR Fan Trivia!

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Here's question 8 of DAR Fan Trivia!  If you're reading Renegotiating Kaylin you may have figured it out.  If not, the answer can be uncovered in each book of the Novel Series.
And here is the answer to the last trivia question.... "Who is Radiance Dunbar and Natalie Shepherd?"

The Crabcone Debates Vol. 10

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Welcome the 10th Volume The Crabcone Debates to The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician Blog. 
This Volume is titled "Better Every Time"... Keep up with the Image-less Comedy Strip here or on Pinterest by following our Board.

The Better Fly Series: Did Someone Say to Yield?

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Welcome back to TBIOB!  Can you believe the series is coming to an end?  It’s been so much fun, but this is officially the last blog of The Better Fly Blog Series.  It began with A Beast in the Sky.  We then looked at Genus with Multi-faceted Eyes.  We learned about our nets and networks from a spiritual view point with Wings and Wheels, Pt. 1 and 2.  Then it was on to take-off tactics with SOAR.  Today we complete the series with, “Did Someone Say to Yield?”
We started with a landing and we are better for it.  We went from technically a pesky fly in a room of giants as Entrepreneurs coming into new industries and/or new levels of industry, to business-minded people with a greater comprehension of the corporate world around us.  We landed because we were out of our league, but we yield to merge onto higher ground. 
To merge we judge the speed of those already on the highway to know whether we need to slow down or speed up.  If we judge incor…

Finding Bio... Quest 6

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Finding Beauty Inside-Out.  When wholeness meets wholeness, wholeness expands.  Can you increase the heart rate of wholeness?

Where to Build Your Fort on the Road Map of LLO

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As we keep the doors open to mission in Limited Liability Operations, we look for opportunities to take up our position. When we do, we limit our motion, but we also build a permanent fixture in our business and industry.  When you've found a valid position, build a fort with a blazing look out point, and LLO and Behold... It Shall Happen! 

DAR Fan Trivia!

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Welcome back to DAR Fan Trivia!  Here is question 7, and the long awaited answer to question 6... "What are the Purposes, Promises, and Permissions of God?"  If you're new to the Novel Series, we hope you're enjoying learning some key facts.

The last book of the series is unfolding now as a Suspended-Release Novel.  We're up to Chapter 15 and several new chapters will be released this week.  Catch up on the blog now and also have fun finding your answers.

DAR Fan Trivia!

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Today's trivia question is a good one! Hope you enjoy finding the answer.  Now for the answer to Question 5, "What is The Lord's Way?"

And if you missed the answer to Question 4, "Which Caramel colored girlfriend is now named Jennifer Burrows?"... The answer was, Who is Camie?
Don't forget all your answers can be found at

The Crabcone Debates Vol. 9

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It's the dynamic number 9, and this Volume of The Crabcone Debates is titled, 'Cops Takes All'.  Enjoy the giggle and tell a friend about the New Image-less Comedy Strip.  Look for other Volumes on the blog using the labels below.

Word to RAW!

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The Road2Wholeness Blog in conjunction with The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician Blog invites you to join our Introduction to RAW.  Start today.

DAR Fan Trivia!

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It's question 5 of our DAR Fan Trivia! Did you figure out the answer to question 4 yet, or was it too easy? Here's the answer..

Look for your answers at

DAR Fan Trivia!

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Hope you've been making the grade.  Question number 4 of DAR Fan Trivia! And on to the answer to question 3... "What are Lizards?"

The Loose Leaves- Raise the Roots 1

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It's another Fall Out from The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician Blog-Mag.  In this Loose Leaf- "Raise the Roots" we challenge the perspective of the Wrap, and look inside the textile trend with wrap 1 of this report.  Follow this leaf as we unveil 4 other wrap techniques.  For now, give "The Helmet" a try.  Its a firm twist at the top and a cord tucked in at the back. 

Soy La Belleza Dentro- Afuera Esteticista

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Paint the next page of your book in a new language.  The Beauty-Inside Out Beautician is learning Spanish. Stay tuned!

Take the Challenge!

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Take the Challenge brought to you by The Road2Wholeness Blog.  Pick up more details at #wordtoRAW

The Crabcone Debates Vol. 8

The Crabcone Debates Vol. 8 "When Mastery Fails"

DAR Fan Trivia!

Welcome back The Decks and the Road Fan Trivia. This is Question #3.  If you've read Erased, the answer is jumping off your tongue.  Just make sure it's a question.
Now for the answer to question 2... What is Simple Fish?  
Don't miss the introduction and description of Simple Fish in book 1 of the series.  It's an unforgettable moment.
To find your answers, go to

DAR Fan Trivia!

(click on the image for a clearer view or to download and share.) Here's question number 2 of our Fan Trivia.  Remember to give the answer as a question. The answer to this question can be realized in book 1 of The Decks and the Road Novel Series at
Now here's the answer to question 1....   Who is NaTisha Renee Williams?

The Loose Leaves- IQ

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In the case of "Outer Beauty" and its processes we stumble upon this question that is really a question of "Beauty Inside-Out".  We've all heard the term under construction and did you know just how applicable the term remains in the business of salon goers?  Yet, on occasion a client may feel completely out of her skin in moments that seem to capture the construction.  Take a look at the question posed in this Loose Leaf Edition of IQ, and take the test the next time under construction, in transition, or processing comes up.


We've already gone to New Extremes of Nice a few times and back.  Now the question is... Vienes?