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The VCR Diaries- Act 1, Part 2

The VCR Diaries: A Poetic Documental based on the Novel Erased

Act 1- Veronica, Part 2 They’ve dimmed the lights.  I take it they could see the pearls of sweat under my nose.  A few people have filed out.  Either the truth has them running to the bathroom, or they’re about to crawl back up under the carpet.  Whichever, I’m not joining them or chasing them.  I’ve found a rhythm and a friendly face to rest my nerves.  I’m Act 1, and a youthful fury is coming behind me.  So, I’m not dragging my feet or anything, but for now… The stage is mine.

The Prison Mate
The PM is either a mirror or a cloud overhead. Don’t pick just yet, In this hole, Neither is welcomed.
The mirror is arrogant, It likes to smile back at you, To say… I know you lady.
It’s full of glare, And low on grace, I would break it, But they’ll just issue me another.
And the cloud… It holds too much. It’s eyes are big, And it sees too much.
I would out run it, But they got bars in rows I can’t count. So I lay under it, Hoping but not praying, Hoping…

The VCR Diaries- Act 1, Part 1

The VCR Diaries: A Poetic Documental based on the novel Erased

The Intro The stage is set.  All three are standing there; Veronica, Cassandra, and Reece.  If you’ve read the novel, Erased… you’re curious as to what else they have to say.  If you haven’t read the book, you’re eager to know what’s on their chests.  You know what they’re wearing; it’s all pictured in the flyer.  Each of them are on their respective platform and standing under their own light.  They’re standing very still, and it appears they are just mannequins.  Then Veronica’s platform begins to lower, and she takes control of the stage. 

Her Diary- Veronica  It’s black leather with raised suede.  The suede is where the flowers are, but they’re gray.  An odd color for a flower.  Yet, it’s pretty to look at.  Inside, there are groups of pages where she just let it rip, and between those, whole areas she just skipped over.  It’s like she was planning on inserting something on those pages, but either she forgot or life too…

Soulful Shimmer

We don't always need to rely on our light, sometimes we just give them soul.

The Better Fly Series: A Beast in the Sky

A Beast in the Sky
When we hear the word love, quickly our minds go to romantic love, but one of the greatest loves in the world is the love people carry for their dreams.Because our dreams represent a place in our hearts where we hold great amounts of love; when The Beast in the Sky shows up, it can really wound us.The Word of God speaks about a beast that looks like a leopard, has four wings, and four heads.It also says that this beast is given the authority to rule for a set time.What do you do when that beast shows up to steal some of your air?Do you continue in defeat or do you simply take a landing?
Welcome to The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician.This is our first "Traditional Blog" and it comes in the form of a series.Let’s look at the second of the two questions.In the first part of the question, we’re faced with a possible defeat.Unless you’re built like a leopard, have four wings, and four heads, you can probably expect defeat.Often times in life, it can take us many y…

The VCR Diaries: A Special Event

Coming to Our Blog! Don't Miss This! (Click on the images to navigate easily and for a clearer view) Enjoy the profiles, and take a glance at the Event Program. Don't forget to check in on Sept. 24th.  Also, follow us on Fb for Updates.

Getting Married?

Getting Married?  Feature your "Bu" in an upcoming issue of our Blog-Mag   Need to know what's "The Bu"?    Read our Bonus Issue now for the details. Comment here or inbox us on Fb for instructions on how to get featured.

(TBIOB) The Bonus Issue!

Welcome to "The Bonus Issue".  If you haven't caught the rhythm, our Blog Mag- The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician is a four time yearly mag.  Our next issue was set for October, and then a fire broke out.  "The Bonus Issue" is the result of that fire. In this unfolding Blog Mag, we have just made it to our third page. In October, you can expect to receive four pages.

A special Welcome Back to all the past clients of The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician.  I'm still in the salon three days a week, and my specialty is still healthy, trendy, and touchable hair.  Follow the blog on FB for more examples of what I do, and check out the special feature "The Bu" in Frame 3. (click on the pages to see a clearer view.)

Let's move on to Brand.  Enjoy this work of art as we go deeper into the subject of brand and brand management.  The question this time is... "Can your Brand create enough friction to slow or stop a negative spin?"
Going against the sp…