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It's Week 6 of Exercising Power.

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Did You Know? We're in Phase Two of our Summer Health and Fitness Challenge Exercising Power 2. Here's a quick look at the modifications and some inspiration.
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Now on to the current week and the Challenge Add-on Square.  It's a past challenge favorite.. "A Salad A Day".  I love this challenge, and if you want to participate but can't commit... Just join this week's challenge to add a salad to your daily intake. Check out this salad combo from The Salad A Day 66-Day Challenge.  Try this Fresh salad Topped with Greek Yogurt and Dried Cranberries.
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Finally, time to boost our mileage.  Click on the square to see your options.

Thank you for stopping by... Enjoy the Challenge! and keep following the squares.  3 Weeks and 3 Days to go!