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The Men of The VCR Diaries "No Estrogen"

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A Poetic Documental not to be missed.  
Join The Beauty Inside-Out Beatician and Grace Call Communications, LLC for the presentation of The VCR Diaries "No Estrogen".  
Beginning Sept. 9th follow the Three Act Documental based on 
The Decks and the Road Novel Series. 

Excerpts from Rick Simpleton's Role in Freeborn:

Thirty minutes with Mr. Simpleton was like a day in the sun doing construction work.  It was more than I had prepared for the first time I met him, but now I knew not to pack my schedule the evening before his days or the hours after he left.  

“Okay, so let’s continue down the path with your brother.  Have either of you taken a step towards meeting in the middle?”
            “Kat, sometimes the middle is a luxury the ego cannot afford.”  He offered with no follow up.
            “And what is your definition of a luxury Mr. Simpleton?”  I had to try.
            “Well, luxuries are the throwaways, you know.  The stuff you don’t need.”
            “Do you feel your brother is a luxury?”
            "I wouldn't say that.  There are always things we don't throw away, but we never seem to use them or remember where we've put them."

Read Chapter 9 from Freeborn now:

Excerpts from Chad-Ezra's Role in Renegotiating Kaylin:

"...Do you mind if I call you Che?”
“You can for now.”
“Then what?”
“Then I’ll make you like Chad-Ezra.  The more you know the more you’ll like it.”

Read Chapter 25 of Renegotiating Kaylin "A Spark in Cuba" now:

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