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(TBIOB) July Blog-Mag

Welcome back to "The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician Blog-Mag."  This is our Socially Awakened Issue! Hope you enjoy the Black and White cover design, and you can still get a look at the Decoy Cover on the Blog.

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Unpin!  We welcome "The Question of Image" back to the Blog-Mag for a special look at a Beauty Trend that left an image pinned in my mind.  It's just a piece of cloth. Yes, white.. and with cut outs that I'm to place over my face, but wait a minute... What?  It didn't capture my attention the first time; The Facial Divide.. no, not until I snapped a picture. First, I saw an opportunity to create art.  Something about the air bubbles and my Black skin showing between the cut outs.  But then came the words "The Facial Divide".  

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Now I'm thinking about my $1 facial and wondering what the cost will be to me to allow the image of a white cloth with cut outs place over my face to become a weakend image.

In "A Facial Divide" I share this question with you because there has always been a correlation between Cosmetics and Image, and Imagery and History.  Whether The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician Blog has unpinned a sly attempt to fade our recollection of the Socially Menacing is still unknown, but we thought we would point to the real cost and cause some remembrance before all the cucumber and aloe goodness caused us to Dose Off.

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You hear the words Socially Awakened and almost immediately everyone starts dancing on pins and needles.  It's the true test of progression.  But before we raced off into a tunnel vision, we thought we'd come with "The Bu"!  

The question is .. To pin or unpin?  In this issue we're featuring The Bridal Updo of a client with Dread Locks and giving 8 quick tips on using pins or needles.

I'm pretty particular about pins.  In fact there was a time that I would drive maybe twenty miles just to get the right ones.  So, the fact that we're here taking a closer look is no surprise.  First, you may find the question of whether to use pins or to opt for a needle is often determined by whether the customer's locks are mature or still young.  You will find that a mature lock will not accept pins very well. This is true also for large dreads.  But let's look at what makes for a great pin.

1. Medium Flex 2. Enough Ridges (keeping pins from sliding back out. 3. Smooth and Covered tips but not overcoated.  Check for brands with tips that don't snag as it will make your freshly groomed locks untidy. 4. Correct Color. Use gold or brown pins when need to properly disguise the pins.  This is all part a professional finish.

As for the use of needles... Here are a few key tips.

1. Use sharply curved needles for quick hooking.  These should be less pointy.  2. Use elongated needles to carry the needle thru several locks at once.  These might need more of a point.  3. Use needles not for foundational word but to tuck away ends, reinforce folds or knots etc. and also using the proper color thread. 4. Use rubber bands or pins to keep things in place until you have a solid form, then remove or cut away leaving just the thread remaining.

Lastly, always recommend the customer returns for proper take down.
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It's a Blog-Mag staple or tradition to talk brand.  This time we look at Brand Portfolios for those who manage multiple brands.  We've all heard of the common thread, but what about the elastic cord?  What pulls your brand back when opportunity srikes? In a push to gain an edge sometimes our portfolios fall off the edge.  As we unpin our brand portfolios from what everyone thinks they should look like or what we thought they would always look like... There's still a need to find elasticity.  To do this we first must understand that the portfolio itself is a brand.  Now ask the question "What's my Elasticity?"  Is it Charity? Is it Geographical? Is it Size?  Find not just what will be common among your brands, but unpin that thing that keeps the spring.

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S.O.S. (Spirit Organizing Soul).  So what's with the "J"?  First, let's start with the quote.  Read it.  Contemplate it.  

If you follow The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician Blog... then you know about The Three Nons and our first 30 Days practising Non-Judgement. The quote talks about cruelty and its effects.  Next to it, you find a tear drop with a J for judgement and a small plant budding next to it.  As I was preparing to talk about Non-Judgement more in depth, not for the magazine, but for the blog, I stumbled on the words in a book.  I then thought, "How do we know when we've made a solid judgement?"  I posed the question because cruelty is one of the most difficult things to overlook, forgive, or remain non judging about.  As I asked the question, I heard... "Judgement changes your behavior."  Now I'm not going to advocate in either direction as to whether at any given moment you should or should not have a change of behavior.  This is simply an observation that can help us to really encapsulate the act of judgement. I will just add that mastery of non-judgement comes when we are able to keep that small plant from becoming a tree.  

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If this is your introduction to Grace Call Communications, LLC and its Mascot "Wizbull", it's the perfect introduction.  We share this proud moment with our Parent Company as a part of The Socially Awakened Issue to unveil The Social Injustice Meter. 

5 Flags! That's the highest marks and the color of the flags.... They're most certainly "Red".  

We had two topics to choose from and "LIFE FLIPPED THE COIN".  We revealed the first question of injustice we wanted to tackle over a week ago on social media, but we never called the flags.  The question was... If to stop or slow you down, your competitor buys the platform where you host your website....?  And as our leaflet above indicates.. We issue 5 Flags!  

Here's why.. First, if you're able to make that discovery your in a good position.  With many companies disguised in the marketplace behind dba's, holding companies, and joint ventures it can be impossible to know or keep up.  But obviously you would also need to be able to show and prove that there's a level of mistreatment.. "hence the used of the words 'stop and slow down'." We also give this 5 Flags because of the overall sense of bullying.  One of Grace Call Communications slogans is "Join the Race" and we identify RACE as (A Respect and Appreciation for a Competitive Economy).  This is not only a challenge to monopolies and strict nationalism, but to corporate bullying.  Therefore we stick our horns in the middle of this "Social Injustice".  Keep up with Grace Call Communications, LLC and look for #SIM... the "Social Injustice Meter" across the online community.

Also, you may bring your most puzzling questions to us.  


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It's been a dazzling Blog Feature that has been laced with tips, tricks, questions, imagination, and conversation. This 5th and final "Day of The Wrap" brings us to the wrap of the matter. And I'm forced if not to ask a question to at least point at it.  In this feature, we look at a double wrap.  It's the "Top Knot" with and scarf draped over the head and around the shoulder.  It's pictured here faceless because I'm wondering if... in a case to reverse dogmatic prejudices have some cultural images become a one-size-fits all.  The Double Wrap is actually one of my favorite wrap styles, but I can't help but notice that the confusion it poses often seems to erase my color in a country where color still and often plays a large role.  I should probably say "thank God" and just play it up, but the contrast somehow points more vividly at the lack of real support that has gone out to counter racism against Black Americans.  Everywhere I look there's seems to be a definitive, active, and accepted coalition to reduce prejudice against several social and cultural groups with the exception of the Black American Community.  Where we are concerned there always seems to be a disjointment in the need for such outreach.  This is not to subtract from the experiences of any of these groups.. but I've got a double wrap that renders me entitled to my experience.

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The Crabcone Debates is back!  Enjoy this 15th Volume and catch the continuation in Volume 16 exclusively at our Facebook page