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(TBIOB) April Blog-Mag! (Updated)

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Welcome back to The Beauty-Inside Out Beautician Blog-Mag.  This is the Anniversary Issue!  One year ago we started the Blog-Mag with the tagline... "It's not a Magazine with a Blog.  It's a Blog with a Magazine."  We're slowly building on the concept and growing in pages.  In this issue we bring you some staple ingredients with "The Bu" Bridal Talk, and our latest thoughts on Brand and how to Cultivate Brand Magic.

A roll of the dice doesn't necessarily have to reinvent the wheel.  Sometimes it's to reverse and remember.  Ask yourself, "Remember when it wasn't done this way?"  In a forward climate, sometimes helping people to reminiscence can pay dividends. For example.. Your new company may join the fun with a Mascot vs. a Logo.  And just like that you trade risk for reward not with trend but with "Remember When?"

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In this Anniversary Issue the Operative word is "Roll", as in "roll out" or perhaps "roll dice" and at the beginning of this year we rolled out "The Crabcone Debates".  It was a dicey move that has paid off and it's the reason for the Grand Departure of the cover image.  This April's issue belongs to none other than the crab-in-the-cone.

And now... We unveil our 13th Volume of The Crabcone Debates.
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"The Bu" is back with a mash up of Bridal Talk and Q&A.  This time it's Bridal Shower Icebreakers. Enjoy the questions.. and the next time you show up to a bridal shower where there are no familiar faces, roll the dice and break the ice.

Coming up on the blog we unveil some of the thoughts and answers we've collected. So check back soon!

We progress this April with Spirit Organizing Soul! But not to worry.  You're sure to get more from our "Spirit Organizing" series before the year is out.

Can you spot the ear? When the ear is ready and the heart is set, roll out the good.  Spirit Organizing Soul is indeed about neon hearts and burning questions, but the answers are for the World.  Yes, the soul knows but the Spirit knows how.  S.O.S. demands a heart with an ear to hear how and not just what. Go inside the image with your own ears and see what captivates you.


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