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Overcome (OVRC)- A Blog Series_ 6

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Welcome back to the Blog Series Overcome.   Today we pull the trigger on a spiritual loop hole in "Overcome the Disguise of Zeal".  Though we know there is a King who knows the hearts of men.

A Loop Hole maybe... Call it Zeal. Scripture says, "One will not be punished for their zeal." Here comes malice, It's in disguise, It's full of itself, It's overflowing with contempt.
A loop hole maybe... Call it Zeal.
The educated calls it a law, The religious calls it a science.. A loop hole maybe.. Call it Zeal. Scripture says, "One will not be punished for their zeal."
There goes cause, Dressed in Zeal. Here comes effect, Undressed.
The educated calls it a law, The religious calls it a science.. Here comes the Harvest, And it's not a drop of rain, But an offspring.
Who invited the reaper, Who suspended the seed?
The educated calls it a law, The religious calls it a science, The ignorant calls it farming, God calls it His way.
Who invi…

Fangs and Flair

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The choice remains a choice. With our fangs we capture, but with our hearts we decide to dazzle or torment.  Whichever you choose remember the laws of cause and effect.

Still to come... A Special Report, "InFluenza"

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"When the clock strikes sike, toss away all of your superstitions.  But if you have a definitive word from a word giver you can trust, hold on to it.  The earth is about to shake, and your job is to stay planted."
Keep following the trail of Orange, Black, and White squares in the Suspended-Preview of our upcoming Special Report "InFluenza" and whatever you do.. Don't Miss This.

Looking for Drop the Load, Pt 3?

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Read part 3 of our Drop the Load Special Report in October's Blog-Mag.

Overcome (OVRC)- A Blog Series_ 5

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"Write something no one wants to steal.  Write something no one wants to be seen.  Write something not overdone but real.  Write to Overcome."
Welcome back to the Blog Series Overcome.  Today we "Overcome the Majority Complex".

The minority hopes to break through. The majority kills to break free. Inclusive is happy Exclusive is cocky. The large body is dominant. The small body is frail. Overcome the body work with the mainframe.

Right now there's a woman looking for her place among men. Become a man, Remain a woman, lean in or square the shoulders?
She's waiting to overcome, Waiting to be a part of a majority, She sees no beauty in her exclusivity... And she's been reared to scorn the minority.
Right now there's a woman who enjoys her place among men. She don't dance with them.. Nor does she fancy them, But she stands with them.
Right now there's a horse who's unlike the rest. There's a kink in her tail, A sparkl…

The VCR Diaries 2 Blog Entry Log

The VCR Diaries 2 "No Estrogen" - A Poetic Documental
Based on the 3-book Novel Series, The Decks and the Road
by Grace Call Communications, LLC

The Blog Entry Log
Act 1
Vance Shepherd (Engineer, Married,Over the Hill, Part of the Hidden Elite)

Excerpts from the book Erased

"The tall cement wall was a border that divided the good from the bad.  It didn't look like the kind of thing the good would be involved in but Mr. Shepherd's words kept a clear marker between the two.  The moment I'd described to him the incident on the freeway, he'd popped up from his seat.

'They're bumpers.  I know this MO very well.  It's the easiest story to sell.  Most times they don't even come in contact.  If they do it's botched.  The ideas is to cause a reaction, usually a deadly one.  You're blessed...  they usually run a battery.  So, how did you get on the radar of big business?"'

Act 1, Part 1…

Finding Bio... Test 8

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Finding Beauty Inside-Out.  For this 8th test, I'm pulling from a thirty year old chapter of my life.  It was a theme that unknowingly became a seed, and now I offer it as a test. I challenge you to turn this test back into a theme and see what awesome things spring up.  For the next 6 months, in all that you do...  "Sparkle and Shine".

Agility and Speed in Limited Liability Operations

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Welcome back to our running Branding and Business Blog segment on Limited Liability Operations.  I hope you enjoyed our quick Launch of LLO: Fangs and Flair "Capture: A Brand Story".
If you're new to the blog, catch up on the blog now.
Today we look at The Power of LLO which is agility.  As we all know, movement is not speed.  But did you know? .. you don't have to be an Alchemist in order to turn agility into speed.  This is true in Limited Liability Operations when we learn to "Do then Define".  In a time when everyone is teaching more and more complex ways to define what you're all about, or what your business is all about, or what your brand is all about...  Limited Liability Operations teach us to "Do then Define".

Also you can read our 7-Part blog series "The Better Fly Series" for more guidance in business for entrepreneurs, business start-ups, and small businesses at

Overcome (OVRC): A Blog Series_ 4

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Money versus Truth; a battle already won. My side.. your side, and the truth. Your voice, my voice, and the trigger. No truth no trigger. A weak truth... Trigger.
It's not a relapse.  It's not a reboot.  But it comes like a resurge. The firing squad surrounds you with a surround sound of things they'd like you to remember.  Quick, don't forget!  Sound check. It just appeared that you were forgetting. But I got a trigger that will get you back into automatic. It's automated. Trigger.
Not right now, but just before I began this pilgrimage, and just after I'm done sound returns. It sounds like yesteryear meets next year. It's a riddle but there's no humor; no whimsy Yet the trigger keeper is smiling.
His smile, your hate; Trigger.
Not right now, but definitely in response to this; listen for the reminder. He tries to respond. She never does. Trigger.
She trips away her woes, He pump fakes away his trigger, And only one voice remains.
Not …

About Overcome (OVRC)_ A Press Release

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The Loose Leaves- Read Write Rest More! Never

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Overcome (OVRC): A Blog Series_ 3

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Welcome back to Overcome: A Blog Series!
"Show me a matter broad enough to pinch every human being, and I'll show you universal."A click is not long winded, but sometimes a stroke of a pen.
Today we Overcome Cliques.
Righteous Clique, Gay Clique, Battered and Bruised; Clique. Human... uncliqued. Rich clique, Me too clique, Over it; clique.
Right now someone's running to society's rescue.  The cue? Clique. It's a badge of glory; every clique. It's a T-shirt war and a Holy salute.  What's your hobby? Clique. It's a couple of rounds before work.  The catch up.  The overlook.  Just in case you were getting dull around the edges. It's a Family bond. It's an expensive sorry, and a silent clique.
Right now someone's looking for a clique. It's a lonely world; uncliqued. It's a bully's world; clique.
Right now someone's leaving a paper trail. No canceled check; no clique. Every blank check; two cliques…