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On The Way To The Third Non...

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  Will you be along for the ride?  As we look at adding the test of Non-Resistance to what we've been practicing in Non-Judgement and Non-Attachment... I offer you this insight into Divine Awareness, Divine Order, and Divine Purpose.  

Ultimately when we Test Our Jars, and it is nothing short of a test, we challenge our ability to trade our human awareness, order, and purposes and rely on the awareness, order, and purpose of the Divine.  So, don't be startled if you hear yourself calling on the Divine more and more often during this challenge.  It just means that you are reaching for relinquishment, and it take time, trust, and devotion not to keep nudging God and pointing to the things we hope He's taking into account.  I myself like the story of Nehemiah and his bold use of prayer to ask God honestly to reward his enemies accordingly for their malice, but what do you do when God says.... "SAVE YOUR PRAYERS"?

It is in that moment that God himself asks us to turn our attention to Divine Awareness, Divine Order, and Divine Purpose.  Therefore, I subject myself to this call to the best of my ability for the duration of the challenge to Test My Jar.  If you're already following the challenge.... Continue with us to Non-Resistance beginning on August 23rd.

But if you're just hearing about The Three Nons Challenge.... begin at the beginning with Non-Judgement for 30 days starting on August 23rd.  You may follow the links for more information on the 1st and 2nd Non.

Introduction to the Challenge

The 1st Non

The 2nd Non