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It's Week 4 and Still to Come..

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Hope you're enjoying Exercising Power 2.  It's week 4 of 9 and it's time to pray and fast.  Did You Know? Exercising Power is 80% mental... Follow the challenge squares from the beginning for the proper lead in to the challenge.  

This week choose one of two days to complete the 24-hr Fast.  Tuesday 5:30 pm to Wednesday 5:30 pm or Friday 5:30pm to Saturday 5:30pm. Remember it's water only! Use this time to recommit and assess your challenge goals.  

Anyone who is on the Challenge and partaking in any of the Fasts will be covered in prayer.  You can do it.. I Promise!

Also, coming up in Week 5.... Meet Lydia for the first Exercising Power "Beat the Machine" Week.  

Keep following the squares!