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Grace Call Communications Presents The VCR Diaries "No Estrogen"

Coming up here at The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician Blog The VCR Diaries returns with "No Estrogen" featuring three of the men from The Decks and the Road Novel Series.  The VCR Diaries is a Poetic Documental exploring the Characters Vance Shepherd, Chad-Ezra, and Rick Simpleton.  Stay tuned for the Event Program.

Meet Vance Shepherd in Chapter 7 of The Decks and the Road.

"The tall cement wall was a border that divided the good from the bad.  It didn't look like the kind of thing the good would be involved in, but Mr. Shepherd's words kept a clear marker between the two.  The moment I'd described to him the incident on the freeway, he'd popped up from his seat.

'They're bumpers.  I know this MO very well.  It's the easiest story to sell.  Most times they don't even come in contact.  If they do it's botched.  The idea is to cause a reaction; usually a deadly one.  You're blessed... they usually run a battery.  So, how did you get on the radar of big business?'"

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