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The Better Fly Series: Genus

Welcome back to The Better Fly Blog Series.  It's Business.  It's Spiritual.  It's Heart. And it's also Soul.  How could you not be better!  I'm enjoying writing this series and learning as I go, and I hope you're enjoying it too.  This is the third blog of the series.  Today we look at genus; a group or class of things that have common characteristics and can be divided into subordinate kinds.  In terms of groups, genus falls in between family and species.  But how does this bring us to our next meal in this series? 

Today we look at competition.  It's a vital part of constructing a business plan.  We've all heard the question, "Who's your competition?" or "Have you identified your competitors?"  Usually, to answer this question, most entrepreneurs or business start ups look in the market place for other businesses that appear to be doing the same things they hope to do.  This is not a bad approach, but what if I tell you that it leaves a lot of room for your new business start up to be attacked.  In the process of trying to find your family group or identify your business specie, you probably overlooked your genus.

Genus is a term mainly used in biology that points above specie and below family.  In business, and specifically in the area of competition, there's direct competitors and indirect competitors.  I had to learn the hard way about indirect competitors, but hopefully you'll pick up a few things here that can help you to take the target off your company's back or at least defend yourself.

Not only do most new businesses and business owners usually look for look-a-likes in searching for their competitors, but they usually always, as I certainly did... look for companies and other businesses that are equal in size.  Big mistake.  Just because you may see your business as small and flightless, that's not how major industry thinks.  Major industry thinks in terms of "Who got next?", and perhaps your little start up begins to look like next.  Now, you've become a major target!  To complicate the matter, what happens when they can identify you, but you are completely unaware of who these players are and what makes you part of their genus.  For most small companies it means total surrender or annihilation.  Thus the beast in the sky!  But I'll like to tell you about a flightless bird who happens to be the most dangerous bird in the world.  It's the Southern Cassowary.  This is a very shy bird.  Yet, this bird is equipped to do real damage.  It has been known to kill humans and even dogs.  This bird can cut a human in two with just one swift kick.  Shocking isn't it.

If you read the first blog in this series and have been following the series, then you know that we're grounded.  But I want you to begin to look at yourself and/or your company, not as a weakling, but to begin to look for your special equipment.  In business, when we start with a solid brand and brand story and attach it to strong values and clear goals, do you know that you can become the deadliest, most dangerous flightless bird?

Think about it.  Take a few days out of your week each week and begin to work through these details.  I can tell you from my experience that if you do, what should have been total annihilation, will become total domination.

Continue to follow The Better Fly Series for more insights, and don't hesitate to tell a friend about the series.  Thank you for visiting The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician (TBIOB) and come again soon.