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(TBIOB) The Bonus Issue!

Welcome to "The Bonus Issue".  If you haven't caught the rhythm, our Blog Mag- The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician is a four time yearly mag.  Our next issue was set for October, and then a fire broke out.  "The Bonus Issue" is the result of that fire. In this unfolding Blog Mag, we have just made it to our third page. In October, you can expect to receive four pages.

A special Welcome Back to all the past clients of The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician.  I'm still in the salon three days a week, and my specialty is still healthy, trendy, and touchable hair.  Follow the blog on FB for more examples of what I do, and check out the special feature "The Bu" in Frame 3. (click on the pages to see a clearer view.)

Let's move on to Brand.  Enjoy this work of art as we go deeper into the subject of brand and brand management.  The question this time is... "Can your Brand create enough friction to slow or stop a negative spin?"

Going against the spin is not simply about countering, but about having a brand that's working to create a more accurate spin.  Keep up with the Blog Mag for more perspective on brand and visit the blog regularly for our reoccurring series L.L.O. where we bring insights on running highly effective Limited Liability Operations.

I really had a blast creating this Frame and unveiling The Bu!  Enjoy the tips and pics, and get ready for our first Q&A.  And finally to finish out the list of five things to pin down when considering your bridal updo.  It's Your Dance!